My first steps in movie soundtracks composing  go back to 2006, when a friend, Damien Bapst, who now works at Illumination MacGuff (Les mInions, The Grinch,....) asked me to make the soundtrack for his  final school exam, a short animated movie called Wanted:


I was later able, thanks to Armand Amar, to write additional music for Sagan the movie, directed by Diane Kurys, as well as for Mia and the white lion directed by Gilles De Maistre.

mia et le lion blanc.jpg

Finally, I recently composed the soundtrack of "Death to codes" directed by Léopold Legrand, a short movie that has won several awards in many festivals (Villeurbanne Festival, Seoul, ...).

MAC affiche.jpg

Mort aux codes - TRAILER

Here are also some extracts composed for various projects:

Clean Guitare
Celli ensemble
Soft rock
Orchestral 2
Orchestral 3