- Apple Mac Pro 10.13 , 3,46 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon

- Avid© Pro Tools HD

- Plugins Avid, Waves, SSL, PSP, Native Instruments,...

- Converter Lynx Aurora 8

- Monitoring Focal Twin6Be, Dynaudio BM5A, Yamaha MSP5

- Preamps Millennia, Oram Audio, Joemeek,...

- Analog mixing desk Amix CSL

- Effetcs: Reverb TC Electronic M5000, Rocktron Intellipitch, Boss SX700,.....

- Two Notes Torpedo Studio

- Mics AEA R88, DPA 4006,....others available such as  Neumann M149, U87, DPA 4041, Royer, Oktava,....

- Guitar amps Randall RM100, Modules Salvation Audio, Peavey Classic 30

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new studio2.jpg
new studio1.jpg

Thanks to Jean-François Bescond  from D'Addario, Guillaume Pille from Two notes, Gabriel Nahas from Tiger Audio and of course Armand Amar!

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